20150904_193507-1-1Amy and I review Caught and First Civil Right in Perspectives on Politics and are reviewed back

Arresting Citizenship receives Dennis Judd Best Book Award (from APSA Urban Politics Section)

The Missing Lesson of Ferguson: Conduct ≠ Contact

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Excited to join the Center for Community Change’s Putting Families First: Good Jobs for All campaign!

On Baltimore and Freddie Gray

On Walter Scott and police misconduct (reprinted in Newsweek and the New Republic)

On Race and Starbuck’s

image002The ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality launch:  Equality Re-Imagined

Jennifer Hochschild and I receive $150,000 grant from the Russell Sage Foundation for a project on intra-racial inequality

Marshall Project:  The Missed Opportunity of Robert Woodson

Slate: Protest is Democracy at WorkScreen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.13.18 PM

Baltimore Sun piece “High Incarceration may be more harmful than high crime”

Interview with Douglas Blackmon on PBS about Arresting Citizenship (right)

On Ferguson in Theory & Event:  Black Citizenship and Summary Punishment: A Brief History to the Present

On Slate’s Gabfest with Emily Bazelon and James Forman: “The All Criminal Justice Edition”

lermanweaver_new_3-10Arresting Citizenship is on shelves! Listen to a short Ted-style talk on the book

“The Only Government I Know” in the Boston Review May/June 2014 issue

Our op-ed in the New York Times

On violence in New Haven in the Yale Daily News (longer version with images)

ThinkProgress interview

BlogTalkRadio interview

Discussion of my research in Next City, “The Political Cost of A Heavy Police Presence” and “Who Is Most Likely to Dial 311?

Minnesota Post on my research

“How America’s Public Safety System Hurts Our Democracy”  (Listen)

Washington Post piece about my research with Amy Lerman

NPR interview related to themes in Creating a New Racial Order

Debate on blogginheadsTV about the effects of criminal justice

Recent and Upcoming Talks 

harlem book fair

Charleston and Its Aftermath, Yale Gilder Lehrman Center (Sept. 2015)

Arresting Patterns, Yale University Art Gallery (Sept. 2015)

2015 Harlem Book Fair, Panel Discussion on Wealth Inequality.  Video on CSPAN Book TV  (at right)

Yale Law School, Arthur Liman Public Interest Colloquium, Detention on a Global Scale: Punishment and Beyond, panel on “Democracy and Detention” (April 2015)

Yale Law School, Criminal Justice Roundtable, “A Tradeoff Between Democracy and Deterrence? An Empirical Investigation of Prison Violence and Inmate Advisory Councils” (April 2015)

University of Oregon, Val R. and Madge G. Lorwin Lecturship; Rutgers University; on “Arresting Citizenship” (March/April2015).

vesla at city summit

Yale University, Ferguson and Beyond Teach-In (March 2015)

“The Only Battle in the Nation’s History in Which the Black Community has not been Enlisted”: Black Resistance and Alternatives to Incarceration. Columbia University (Feb. 2015)

The Studio Museum of Harlem, The Jerome Project, discussion with Titus Kaphar (Feb. 2015)


Mass Incarceration and Minority Mobilization, Yale MLK Celebration event (Jan. 2015)

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, “Arresting Citizenship” (Dec. 2014)

Stanford University, Building a Decent Society By Building Decent Cities (Nov. 2014)

Brookings Institution, The Civil Rights Act at 50 (Oct. 2014)

Red Emma’s in Baltimore, Arresting Citizenship (Oct. 2014)

Swarthmore, Charles Gilbert Lecture: “‘We’re Free, but not Free’:  Custodial Citizenship in Our Time” (Oct. 2014)


Engaging the Field

Critical Trialogue:  Arresting Citizenship, Caught, and The First Civil Right in Perspectives on Politics 20150904_115724-1



Detaining Democracy?  Criminal Justice and American Civic Life
I organized this conference with my colleagues Jacob Hacker and Chris Wildeman to showcase new research exploring how punishment impacts the health of civic and political life in the United States.  Papers and commentary were published in a special issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science in Jan. 2014, including an introduction by us.

I co-organize SPIRE, the Symposium on the Politics of Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity, in an effort to exhibit the latest research on race and politics, facilitate collaboration in our ranks, and push the frontiers of our field.  SPIRE is a bi-annual conference and meeting of the minds.  Our next meeting is at Vanderbilt in May 2015 and we are currently accepting proposals (schedule and papers from prior meetings).

“The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern Urban America

Review in Perspectives on Politics

“Justice in America”

Review in Public Opinion Quarterly

More than Words: How ‘Law and Order’ Invigorated Conservatism, Did Irreparable Damage to Liberalism, and Ushered in a New Political Order

Review in The Forum